Self Improvement

Every endeavor has its essential elements and self improvement is no exception.

self improvement Carpentry requires a hammer and a T-square. Playing football necessitates self improvementthe ability to run, block, pass and kick. You’ll never build a house or win a Super Bowl without these requisites and you’re never going to accomplish your goals without first setting them and acquiring the proper attitude to achieve them.

Goal setting and the importance of the proper attitude are just two of the topics that are covered in this section.

These and other self improvement topics have been filling “tables-of-contents” in personal growth books since shortly after Gutenberg printed his first Bible. You’ve possibly read about some of these topics before, but that doesn’t make reading about them again any less informative or enjoyable. After all, you’ve probably heard “Stairway to Heaven” thirty thousand times but still find it kind of fun, don’t you?

Put on your helmet, strap on your tool belt and dig in to these required themes for your self improvement and personal growth. And while you’re suiting up you’d better grab a pencil and paper; some of them require homework. Yes, homework. I’m just the coach, standing here on the sidelines advising you what to do—somebody’s got to get their hands dirty and it’s not going to be me!

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