Heal Yourself

First Step-Heal Yourself

heal yourselfRudy Krause’s relationship with his stepmother resulted in a psychic wound, the emotional equivalent of a severed leg. The wound was caused by her retracted love, emotional abandonment, open disdain and rejection. It bled faith, hope, trust and love, and like any wound it eventually began to scar. Rudy’s anger, guilt and hate began forming layers of tissue that obscured the gash in his soul. And those emotions, the visible remnants of the wound, began coloring every one of his thoughts, actions and subsequently, results in his life.

Why do people not succeed? There are several reasons, I suppose.

Lack of trying is a big one, but people like you who visit websites devoted to personal development are not to be accused of not trying. Rudy’s perceived lack of success stemmed from a couple of sources, but the primary reason Rudy wallowed in mediocrity for most of his adult life was because of this: he believed he was unworthy of success, a direct result of his emotional scars.

heal yourselfHow we feel about ourselves is a major influence on the actions we are willing to take and consequently, the result we get in our lives. High self esteem is made up of two components; competence and worthiness. In other words, when we are faced with taking an action we ask ourselves, “Am I competent to produce the desired result?” and, “Am I worthy of the result?”

If the answer to either of these is ‘no’ it is unlikely we will take the action. And if we do we will likely sabotage our efforts because to achieve the desired result and be presented with the reward of its completion would create cognitive dissonance; you earned the prize but believe you are unworthy of accepting it.

Truly successful people are healthy people. Rudy was very sick.

His psychic wound festered below the tissue he’d built up and poisoned his entire psyche. Rudy needed to heal, to tear off and discard the scar tissue, expose his wound and make peace with it. Frankly, the odds were stacked against him; psychologists tell us that accomplishing that feat is unlikely. But it was something he had to try for as long as the wound or any remnant remained in his soul he would be condemned to more of the discouraging life he’d led up to this point.

In this section on healing yourself I’ll share with you my thoughts on the steps Rudy took to rid himself of his psychic baggage. And I encourage you to ask yourself if you are harboring destructive emotions that stand between you and your dreams.

Is there someone you need to forgive?

A Parent? A sibling? An authority figure? Yourself, perhaps?

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Learn How to Forgive Someone You Believe Has Wronged You

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