About Me

“Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…”

beatles-on-tvOn February 9, 1964 I sat in front of the family’s black and white Philco TV and watched the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show.

A seismic shift took place in my psyche and right then and there I abandoned my childish fantasy of becoming a professional baseball player and rededicated my life to rock stardom.

Several weeks later my older brothers returned home from college for a weekend and presented me with my first guitar. They’d paid the owner $7 and a six-pack of Old Milwaukee beer and he undoubtedly got the better part of the deal. If that guitar had been a car it would have been up on blocks in the front yard of a trailer plot in rural Mississippi.

beatles chordsBut with the help of Mel Bay and a Beatles songbook I quickly learned all the major and minor chords and was able to play and sing “I Shoulda Known Better” over the phone to Carol and Ann.  (Read more here…)