self esteem, emotional abuse“A Personal Growth Journey”…

…is the story of my quest to escape the devastation of emotional child abuse and heal my battered self esteem. I’ve built this site in order to share with you the insights, information, strategies and techniques I learned during a sometimes painful yet ultimately productive 14 year period of healing and rediscovering myself.

My trek began in earnest in April of 1993. I fell to the floor of the restaurant I was about to lose while suffering an emotional breakdown and cried out for my mother.

I distinctly remember the part of me that wasn’t screaming, crying and drooling was wondering “What if she actually showed up?” I recovered from the meltdown but, like a pebble in my shoe, that question annoyed me for the rest of the day. That evening I began writing “Conversations with Katherine”, the book that serves as the foundation of this website.

“Conversations with Katherine” is the story of Rudy Krause’s struggle to overcome the debilitating self image bequeathed him by an abusive step-mother. His mentor and guide on his personal growth journey is his Katherine Krause, the mother who bore him and died 2 1/2 years later. It is a vicarious account of my own effort to unearth the loving, gifted and deserving person that had been buried by years of emotional abuse.

On this site you’ll learn…

I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about:

I’ll teach you some philosophy from Sigmund Freud and Abraham Maslow.

  • You’ll gain insight into what lies at the heart of all human motivation and you’ll come to understand why you’re always striving to become a more complete you.
  • I’ll introduce you to a powerful exercise I designed to map your way to happiness by exploring what’s really important to you.
  • And I’ll share with you some science that will explain some of the unbelievable claims you’ve heard from Law of Attractions teachers.

This personal growth site will educate and amuse you.

I take the topics I write about very seriously and explore them in great detail. Consequently, there’s a lot to read on this site (over 30,000 words; that’s a short book). However, I do not take myself too seriously and I believe my writing style reflects that fact. I hope to impart lots of wisdom to you and perhaps bring a smile to your face now and then to boot.

Will my personal growth “stuff” work for you?

Will this web site provide you with the answer, that one little bit of insight or information that will break you free from whatever it is that’s been holding you back? I truly hope so, and I’m confident that for many my “take” on personal growth will in fact set them on the right track. But I also realize that there are a whole lot of roads that lead to my home town, and that some of those roads work better for some people than for others. Whether you “bust loose” because of this site or not, I thank you for stopping by. It is my sincere desire that you take something of value when you leave. And if you do, please tell your friends about

Jerry Grinkmeyer
January 2009

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